The Bible Reading Planner

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Ministry Led & Fully Interactive

Join thousands of others in reading the greatest book ever written - The Bible. 

You will be guided by trusted Ministries, and have the opportunity to

pray, engage and be discipled with thousands of other followers.

Bible Reading Plans for YOU!


Various Ministry partners are creating a variety of Bible Reading Plans to fit your personal situation.  There are longer plans, shorter plans, and topic based plans.  


Live Engagement & Community

Participate in live discussion threads with our Bible teachers and with other followers. 

Engage in learning, praying, contemplating and applying the teachings of the Bible with our Bible study community.

Become a Ministry Partner

We at Back To The Bible are very excited to be bringing guest speakers and Bible teachers to lead and participate in live Bible reading challenges.  

Some partnerships are as simple as co-promotion of existing Bible Reading Plans.

Other Partnerships can include your Ministry leading Bible Reading Plans.

Either way we welcome the chance to partner with great Ministries.!

Our Partner & Contributors

Back To The Bible

Back To The Bible's mission is to help people grow closer to Jesus each day, The Bible Reading Planner is one of many tools we offer to accomplish that. To learn more visit us at |

American Bible Society

American Bible Society is a Christian ministry that has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God's Word for over 200 years.

The Holy Mess

Balancing Faith, Family, and Fitness.

Think About Such Things

Life giving tips for an abundant life!


Focused on helping people read the Bible.


A technology business that supports Christian Ministries.